Essential Oils - Therapeutic Grade, Naturally Farmed & Organic

Pure Essential Oils, Absolutes & Resins

 Our exquisite collection of essential oils is where nature's finest aromas and therapeutic benefits come together. Our essential oils are carefully crafted from plants and botanicals that are naturally farmed, ensuring the highest quality and purity. Essential oils are known for their ability to promote relaxation, enhance mood, relieve stress, support respiratory health, and soothe muscles and joints, among other potential benefits! A staple in aromatherapy, natural wellness practices, and personal care routines. Harness the power of nature, with essential oils and use a holistic approach to enhancing well-being and promoting a sense of harmony and balance in your daily life.


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The COSMOS Natural standard signature is a consumer guarantee for natural cosmetics that you can trust. All of the Penny Price range of therapeutic essential oils are either organically grown or naturally farmed. The term ‘naturally farmed’ means the field in which the plants are grown, the environment in which they develop, and the plants themselves are unaffected by pollution, fertilisers, pesticides, or any other interference. To gain an organic certificate for a crop, many farmers in many countries have to pay the government to inspect the field. Since they often do not have the resources to do this the oils are marketed as naturally farmed. These are the oils Penny Price Aromatherapy prefers to buy and this company supports farmers who are diligent in their profession. We believe that supporting such people will lead to equality in trade. We hope that you too are happy to support these struggling farmers with the confidence that their oils are certified as COSMOS Natural with Penny Price Aromatherapy Ltd. We also belong to the ATC (Aromatherapy Trade Council) to assure you of our quality and consistency.

Our Essential Oils are a rich trove of organic, naturally farmed, therapeutic-grade essential oils. We take great pride in offering oils that are ethically and sustainably sourced, with purity and potency at the forefront. Each oil in our collection provides powerful therapeutic benefits, suited for various applications from massage to aromatherapy diffusing. Discover the power of nature's essences, captured in our premium selection of essential oils.