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Angelica Essential Oil

Angelica Essential Oil

Latin Name: Angelica archangelica
Plant Family: Umbelliferae
Extraction: Distillation of seeds & roots

Angelica essential oil is a colourless to pale yellow oil which turns yellow to brown with age. It has a rich herbaceous body note. Distilled from the roots of the plant Angelica essential oil has been used in Europe for centuries for coughs, indigestion, colds and bronchial ailments.

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Angelica, Natural Pure Essential Oil - Available in 3ml,10ml, 25ml, 50ml & 100ml.

Herbal & Folk Tradition

Angelica has been praised for its virtues since antiquity. As the Black Plague swept through Europe, Angelica Essential Oil was introduced by Royal Prescription as it was believed to be the antidote. In Lapland, garlands of Angelica were gifted to poets in the hope that their intoxicating aroma would provide literary inspiration.

In aromatherapy, it is often used for congested skin, arthritis, gout and rheumatism. 

Blends With 

Angelica essential oil is a base note and blends well with, citrus oils, patchouli, vetiver and clary sage.

Safety Data

Non-toxic, non-irritant, NOT to be used during pregnancy or by diabetics. 

Angelica Essential Oil Safety Data