Aromatherapy FAQ

Various suppliers globally, depending on the product itself and its origin, we feel that all natural products should be grown in their own natural environment to make sure that the best quality and harvest are received. This also follows our ethos of naturally farmed products which have not been grown ‘against nature’.

The company imports as many aromatherapy products as possible from independent growers and small farming co-operatives and runs study tours every year to our French fields so you can see yourself how our oils are grown and processed in this region. We have a good relationship with all of our suppliers, which has been developed over many years.

All of our products are naturally farmed. This means that the farmers plant and harvest the goods without the use of pesticides on good natural soil. The company imports as many aromatherapy products as possible from independent growers and small farming co-operatives, and so for these farmers and co-operatives to gain organic certification would be too expensive for them, and in turn for us. Penny regularly visits our farmers and our suppliers, and we have built a long relationship with them, ensuring that quality is of the highest standard. Some of our ingredients are certified as organic, however, we do not publish which ones as all of our supplied products are to the same high and exact standards. We belong to the ATC (Aromatherapy Trade Council) to assure you of our quality and consistency.

The main factors to look for to ensure you get a good quality essential oil are:

That at the plant has been grown specifically for aromatherapy, it has been grown in the right environment, it has been nurtured without the use of pesticides or soil enhancers, the plant has been harvested at the right time to get the best quality essential oil and not necessarily the most, that the distillation process is completed making sure that all of the relevant chemical components are given the amount of time necessary for them to be extracted from the plant material, that no adulteration has taken place – nothing added or taken away.

Our essential oils are all naturally farmed, there is a personal relationship with our suppliers to ensure quality, and all of our essential oils are put through a rigorous booking in process on arrival before we allow them to be used and sold in any of our products. We have a long history of clinical aromatherapy and a fully trained team at hand in our company, along with the years of experience we offer knowledge, help and support to all of our customers, with data sheets and details of all of our oils available on our website and on request with purchase. Our essential oils are of the highest quality and standard and are world renowned for this and their therapeutic uses.

There are several misconceptions regarding essential oils, the most common are that they can cause harm to cancer patients, pregnant women, nursing mothers and small babies/ children. Essential oils, when used correctly and under supervision of a qualified Aromatherapist, can be used in all client groups.

All our products are formulated from natural products and all the essential oils used are present in safe levels in all our ready-made, ready-to-use skin care and body care products.

You do not need to worry!

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Our courses have been matched to NOS as level 4. They are accredited by the IFPA, ITEC and the FHT. The Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy prides itself on our small classes to ensure that you get the best attention and teaching at all times. Our tutors are always happy to help you between classes as well as during the course and are usually available Monday to Friday on 01455 250 121 or email:

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Most of our courses come as a distance learning option. However reflexology and therapeutic massage are taught in-house because we need to ensure that your practical techniques are accurate.

If you are learning aromatherapy you can learn online, but again, the massage would need an in-house module unless you are already a qualified masseuse. For more details visit our training pages or email:

Yes, we can help. We have a large teaching bank of professionals in all types of therapy. We will take your request and match you with a tutor for distance learning or in-house training on a 1-1 basis, or for a group of friends or colleagues. Email: