Night To Light Intense Repair Serum

This light anti-oxidant formula keeps your skin dewy and bright. Blended with Essential Oils of Passion Flower and Rosehip combined with vitamin C and aloe vera to repair and renew skin while you sleep. (18ml)

  • Evening Primrose Oil – Omega 6 fatty acids help to stimulate skin growth, there is also evidence to suggest that y linolenic acid reduces inflammation
    Macadamia Oil – One of the highest plant-derived sources of palmitoleic acid, which protects cell lipids from oxidative damage
    Juvinity – Protects cells from oxidative damage and ensures optimal mitochondrial activity, reactivates the synthesis of major dermal constituents and prolongs cell lifespan
    Gatuline Intense – An anti-aging active with immediate effects against wrinkles and sagging. Extracted from Acmella flowers.
    Carrot Seed Essential Oil – Anti-ageing, anti-oxidant, cell-rejuvenating and helps circulation
    Elemi Essential Oil – Soothes inflamed skin, rejuvenating, anti-oxidant and anti-ageing

  • Apply a small amount around your eyes and face after completing your cleanse and tone, apply before bed and leave to renew your skin overnight

  • Night to Light Intense Repair Serum works well with our Illuminous Refresh & Revive Toner and Night to Light Renewal Cream.