Penny Price Aromatherapy

Refresh & Revive Toner

Refresh & Revive Toner with fresh Eau de Rose infused with Sweet Orange Blossom Essential Oil, this toner is gentle to the skin, helps to minimalise pores and leaves your skin feeling soothed and fresh. (100ml)

What's Inside? 

Neroli Essential Oil – An anti-oxidant, astringent, tonic, antiseptic, helps with acne and is soothing.

Rose Flower Water – Also an anti-oxidant, astringent, calming and soothing.

Orange Flower Oil An anti-oxidant, astringent, tonic, it helps to temporarily lift and firm the skin, is also calming and helpful for sensitive skin.

How to Use 

Use two pumps of Refresh and Revive Toner on damp cotton wool, and gently wipe upwards and outwards over the entire face and neck areas for an Illuminous glow. Refresh & Revive Toner works well with our Illuminous Morning Fresh Pure Cleanse, Moisture Replenishing Mask.