Massage Cream Base

Massage Cream Base, a thick emollient base cream that can be used as is, or thinned to suit. Beneficial for clients with very dry skin who do not like traditional oil for massage. Add your Own Essential Oils to tailor to your own or clients needs. Available in 100ml, 500ml, 1000ml.


Massage Cream Base, perfect for very dry skin and for those who do not like traditional massage oils. This base is a thick emollient cream that can be used alone or is used as a blended cream. You can add in your own Essential Oils to create a blended massage cream that suits you or your client's needs.

Penny Price Base Products can be used to create so many wonderful things for therapeutic or beauty treatments. Try Adding Essential Oils, Carrier Oils and other Base Products and start getting creative!

See Penny Price Academy of Aromatherapy for an Aromatherapeutic Body Massage Diploma and the Cosmetic Making Course to learn how to create your own products.


Massage Cream Base – Penny Price Aromatherapy