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Rest Essential Oil Blend

Nurture Rest Essential Oil Blend

Indulge in tranquility with Rest Essential Oil Blend. Unwind your body and mind, promoting deep relaxation and preparing for a restful night's sleep. Create a peaceful bedtime ritual with this soothing blend. Blended with Juniper, Lavender, Palmarosa and Geranium Essential Oils. 

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10ml Essential Oil Blend - Hand-made in the UK

Blended With 

Juniper was referenced in the Bible, inferring its ability to relieve fatigue (Sellar, 1997)

Lavender has been documented as a therapeutic agent as far back as the ancient Greeks and Romans. Both the dried foliage and essential oil have remained continuously popular as both therapeutic and cosmetic agents to the present day (Cavanagh and Wikinson, 2002). The plant is commonly purported to have anti-depressant, anxiolytic and sedative properties, thus its essential oil has been used often for relaxation. Reduction of anxiety can aid in getting to sleep, and there is some evidence to support lavender’s reputed anxiolytic effect.

Palmarosa could be useful in lifting feelings of depression that may affect rest, there is some evidence to suggest that geraniol is sedative, as such, palmarosa may aid in promoting a night of more restful sleep. 

Geranium is reportedly anxiolytic. Tasev, Toleva and Balabanova (1969) also reported that atomised geranium increased attention spans, concentration capacity and work rhythms, and shortened reflex times in 48 medical students (Price and Price, 2011).

Method Of Use

Use 4-6 drops in the bath or vaporiser.
(Always mix in with bath foam or a suitable carrier when using in the bath.) 

Safety Data

WARNING: Do not apply undiluted or internally. Keep away from children and eyes. Store in a cool, dark place.

Nurture Rest Essential Oil Safety Data Sheet