Oil of the Month Lemon | The Zesty Oil!

by Penny Price September 03, 2021 6 min read

Oil of the Month Lemon | The Zesty Oil!

Lemon essential oil is commonly used in our everyday lives, and there are so many incredible benefits that Lemon essential oil has to offer for your mind and body, that I am sure many of us don’t use it to its full potential! From its antiseptic properties to its calming properties, here’s what you need to know about Lemon essential oil in aromatherapy.

The History of Lemon essential oil & traditional uses

Originating in Asia, the lemon was known as the ‘fruit of health’ and was used not only by ancient Indians but also Egyptians and Romans to treat infectious diseases. Lemon trees are believed to have been brought to Europe in the Middle Ages around 200 A.D. Christopher Columbus then introduced them to America. In the 14th century, English sailors in the Royal Navy discovered that drinking lemon juice every day helped to prevent scurvy, aching joints and other common ailments.

Both the fruit and the essential oil have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years to treat many health issues. Lemon essential oil is used for perfumery, cooking, cleaning products and many other commercial ventures, as well as being a key essential oil for aromatherapy practice.

Although I am calling lemon ‘Essential Oil’, in reality, it is actually an ‘essence’. Essences can be referred to as essential oils if they are expressed (literally pressed) from the peel.

The lemons used for expressing essential oil from have to be grown free of pesticides and fertilisers, as these would also be present in the oil if they were used. The lemons also need to be dry and are usually picked when they are green from the tree, being left to ripen before expression during transportation and storage.

Properties of Lemon essential oil

Latin name: Citrus limon
Synonyms: Cedro oil, C. limonum
Plant family: Rutaceae
Extraction: Expression of the peel
Origin: Southern Europe

This popular fruit tree grows in warm, sunny climes and is cultivated for the fruit. The long, sharp thorns on the tree make it different from other fruit trees and easily distinguishable. The size of the fruit varies from the size of a large egg, to that of a dessert orange and the peel and juice are used extensively in cooking. The oil is obtained by expression and is a pale greenish-yellow oil with a fresh citrus, green aroma.

Traditional uses of Lemon essential oil

Traditionally, in many parts of Europe, especially Spain, lemon is regarded as a cure-all, especially for fever, infection and scurvy, and it is viewed pretty much in the same way as British people view Lavender essential oil – an oil for everything. Lemon essential oil has many properties, being anti-coagulant, anti-infectious, antiviral, digestive, astringent and a pancreatic stimulant. It is most often used for hypertension, varicose veins, sluggish circulation, sluggish digestion, obesity, verruca's, warts and diabetes. In Japan, Lemon essential oil is often diffused in banks to reduce worker error thanks to its invigorating effects that have been shown to improve concentration and alertness in their workers.

Lemon essential oil has so many mental benefits, such as giving zest to your day, uplifting, energising, awakening and mental focussing. I really love it – it is simple, inexpensive, powerful and yet calming.

Lemon essential oil uses for the skin

Lemon essential oil is extremely rich in anti-oxidants and can help to delay aging and promote radiance. It can boost the skin’s energy and promote healthy growth and can also help renew damaged skin. It is also famous for its ability to rid the skin of warts and verruca’s, skin infections such as impetigo, and cold sores.

What does Lemon essential oil blend well with?

Lemon essential oil blends well with Lavender, eucalyptus smithii, geranium, ylang ylang, and other citrus oils.

Lemon essential oil for cleaning

Many research studies have mentioned oil of lemon, and it is generally accepted that it is anti-microbial and also anti-depressant. This is what makes it so great for cleaning the home, using in a vaporiser, and also using in cookery for goodies such as lemon drizzle cake!

I wrote a blog which goes over uses of lemon essential oil and many others for cleaning at home - you can find it here

Lemon essential oil cautions & Chemical constituent's

Cautions include avoiding exposure to sunlight for one hour after if you use undiluted application for a small area such as a wart.

With the main chemical ingredients being monoterpenes (95%), Lemon essential oil is a great all-rounder for aromatic use.

Common uses of Lemon essential oil

Lemon essential oil is used for its uplifting, cleansing, balancing and relaxing properties, but for me, is most useful in relieving mental strains and stresses and as a skincare active for problem skin, such as acne. I have used for many common ailments, including muscular aches and pains, insomnia, stress and tension and skin conditions.

Blended with Lemon essential oil

Penny Price Aromatherapy has several blends including Lemon essential oil. Three of these products are Nurture Nose and Throat, Nurture Vitality and Think Rollerball.

Nurture Nose and Throat

Nurture Nose & Throat is a blend of mucolytic Eucalyptus Smithii, antiseptic and clearing Lemon, cooling Peppermint and airway-clearing Basil essential oils to help ease your airways when you are under the weather. It is also soothing and clearing the nose and throat helping to breathe and clearing mucus.

Nurture Vitality

An aromatic blend specially formulated to revive, stimulate and invigorate. It is really beneficial when used in the car to maintain alertness and combat weariness during the day. This energy-giving blend is made from stimulating Lemon, circulatory Black Pepper and invigorating Eucalyptus essential oils, and is also available in a body lotion to pick you up at the start of the day.

Think Rollerball

Think – Roll-on mental alertness for when your mind is feeling a bit stressed or overwhelmed, this soothing blend is the one for you. It combines 100% natural pure essential oils with a carrier, to help increase concentration and stimulate the mind. Think is a soothing and refreshing blend of essential oils of balancing Lavender, stimulating Lemon, memory-enhancing Basil and Rosemary essential oils.

Let’s Make Recipes with Lemon Essential Oil!
You may like to try some of my recipes as below, and if you do, please do give us feedback on how they worked – we love hearing from you!

Zesty Vaporiser Blend

To stay invigorated and on the ball, use the recipe below. In a 10ml dropper bottle use:

5ml Lemon essential oil
2 ml Lavender True essential oil
2ml Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil
1ml Basil essential oil

Blend all the oils well in the bottle and push in the dropper cap. Use up to 8 drops at a time in a vaporiser.

Air Purifying Vaporiser Blend

For a beautiful citrus aroma that can help to keep you and your family healthy, use the recipe below. In a 10ml dropper bottle use:

4ml Lemon essential oil
2ml Eucalyptus Globulus essential oil
2ml Cinnamon essential oil
1ml Geranium essential oil
1ml Lavender True essential oil

Blend all the oils well in the bottle and push in the dropper cap. Use up to 8 drops at a time in a vaporiser and on cotton wool balls around the home.

Perfect Antiaging Moisture Lotion

This recipe will help to keep your skin smooth and soft and looking beautiful. In a 100ml jar use the following recipe:

90mls Blending Cream
5mls Rosehip oil
4mls Rose hydrolat
8 drops Lemon essential oil
8 drops Palmarosa essential oil
7 drops Lavender High Altitude essential oil
7 drops Sandalwood essential oil

Put the blending cream into the 100ml jar and stir round to soften. Add the rosehip and stir again, then add the hydrolat and mix well. Finally add the essential oils in the order they are written in the recipe and stir well. Clean the edges of the pot and put on the lid. Use morning and evening after cleansing.

Zesty Bath Foam

This is a really great way to start the day and it is safe for children and the elderly too! In a 100ml bottle with pump top blend the following recipe:

99ml Bath Foam Base
15 drops Lemon essential oil
8 drops Ho Leaf essential oil
7 drops Bergamot essential oil

Put the bath foam into a small bowl and add the essential oils. Stir really well and then, using a funnel, put the blend into the bottle and apply the lid. This can take some time so be patient! Use a desert spoonful in each bath and soak for at least 20 minutes.

I hope you have enjoyed this blog. We love to hear from you so do give us feedback on the blog and the recipes, and how they have worked for you or your clients. All the products mentioned are available from www.penny-price.com or you can phone your order through or get advice on 01455 251020. If you are interested in training with us, please call, or email Lizzie on courses@penny-price.

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