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Rosehip Carrier Oil

Latin Name: Rosa rubiginosa
Plant Family: Rosaceae
Extraction: Expression/Solvent extraction of rosehips & seeds

Nourishing and supports the skin, it has been found that the oil helped in tissue regeneration; having an effect on the skin to prevent premature ageing, minimize wrinkles and reduce scar tissue. Rosehip carrier oil is an amazing red to golden colour which is due to the carotenoids in the hips, the seeds make up 70% of the fruit and this is the source of the oil.

Rosa rubiginosa is a species of wild rose originating in Asia and later introduced in Chile, where the bush grows wild in the Andes, mainly in Chile and Peru and is found in poor soil conditions in mountainous areas. The rosehips owe their colour to carotenoids but technically they are just swollen receptacles, "Fructus cynosbati," cyno comes from the Greek "Kyon" meaning dog. The Rosa canina is known as the dog rose, perhaps because of the sharp-toothed leaves.

Therapeutic Properties
  • Beneficial for scars, wounds, burns, eczema, ulcers, acne and known to be effective for skin regeneration
  • Used in creams and lotions to prevent premature ageing, minimise wrinkles and reducing scar tissue
  • Antiscorbutic, antihaemorrhagic and diuretic.  
Safety Data 

Rosehip Carrier Oil Safety Data