10 Essential Oils for Men’s Health & Wellbeing

by Ellie Dunmore May 20, 2022 5 min read

10 Essential Oils for Men’s Health & Wellbeing

Across the UK the ‘stiff upper lip’ as a thought through pain and emotion is all too common an attitude that is often put on men. These attitudes can become damaging to mental health and emotional wellbeing and may cause many people to not ask for help.

The growing trend of wellbeing and wellness is opening barriers and giving people the opportunity to improve wellbeing without there being a stigma of ‘anything being wrong’.

This return to our roots is essential in these modern days of synthetic medication and quick-fix solutions. Essential oils can be a great additional way of supporting men’s health. Below I will explore 10 oils which will help do just that.


Basil was highly regarded in the past and even regarded as a ‘King among plants’ (Davis, 1990). Like rosemary, it was thought to relieve stress and clear the mind, some Indian tribes chewed basil leaves for inspiration. As a regulator of the nervous system, basil helps relieve mental strain and anxiety and can help increase self-confidence, give clarity and mental strength.

Black Spruce

Black Spruce essential oil has been used for hundreds of years as an all-natural medicine. Made from conifer trees spruce needles it has a balsamic, earthy aroma with sharp undertones. Black spruce oil helps soothes minor skin irritation, such as eczema, calming outbreaks caused by hormone imbalance or stress. It is relaxing and calming to the emotions, helping reduce and manage stress, promoting feelings of clear and easy breathing.

Cedarwood Atlas

Cedarwood Atlas was previously used as a poison antidote called "mithridat."It was used by the ancient Egyptians for embalming purposes, cosmetics and perfumery. Cedarwood is sedative and has a long-lasting effect on the body and mind, creating relaxation and healing (Davies 1993). This oil is excellent for nervous tension, insomnia and stress and it also wards of negative thoughts and worries. This oil has a warm sweet scent with a woody balsamic undertone, which is calming and grounding, making it a firm favourite with many men.

Eucalyptus Staigeriana

Eucalyptus Staigeriana is antimicrobial, antiviral, Immuno-stimulant, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, calming and hypotensive. It is particularly calming to the muscular system, effective for herpes and verrucae, calming to the nervous system, lowers blood pressure and helps prevent stress. This has a wonderfully uplifting ‘lemon-drop’ scent, which studies have shown to reduce anxiety, and helps clear the mind and calm anxiety.

Lavandin Super

Lavandin Super is purported to reduce nervous debility, listlessness and nervous tension (Price and Price, 2011), and reduce hysteria and lack of nerve. Lavandin is used in aromatherapy to uplift and energise, but is also an anti-spasmodic, acting on muscles in blood vessels, decreasing blood pressure, reducing respiratory discomfort and promoting deep breathing. With a fresh and floral scent, this oil adds a light undertone to a heavily wooded blend and makes a great addition to any emotionally balancing blend.


Lemon has a refreshing and uplifting aroma which clears the mind and lifts the spirits, as well as combating lethargy and listlessness. Lemon is a calming oil, helping in relieving emotional anger, aid decision making and dispersing anger. This well known scent is found in lots of household products and lifts a woody aroma, such as cedarwood, to help balance and calm the mind.

Marjoram Spanish

Marjoram Spanish used since ancient times, Spanish marjoram was used in traditional herbal medicine by the Greeks. This oil derived from the flowers and leaves of a bushy perennial plant from the family of thymes, marjoram is a warming oil which is helpful to alleviate stress and tension. Spanish Marjoram as an essential oil can also promote restful sleep and makes a nice addition to topical salves designed to help energise and lift lethargy.


Peppermint is distilled from the mint leaf, this refreshing oil is cooling, respiratory and could help maintain a balanced digestive system. Studies show that this oil can significantly increase alertness, motivation and memory function whilst decreasing fatigue and frustration. Peppermint is also uplifting and invigorating providing an elevating feel that awakens the senses to start the day.


Pine Scotch

Pine Scotch inhalation helps asthma, catarrh and blocked sinuses and it is said to be an excellent restorative after a long illness. Pine is a known Neuro-tonic, helping to lift people out of depressive states and uplift the spirits, due to this pine can also help with general fatigue, insomnia and grief. It is also a useful oil for men as it helps the body manufacture semen by helping to normalise hormonal secretions when these are out of balance in the body.


Sandalwood is regarded as a 'cure-all' in Spain, sandalwood was believed to promote longevity and protect against infection such as the plague. It was used to treat rheumatism, digestive complaints and menstrual problems. Sandalwood essential oil is an centuries old essential oil that has a woody and exotic aroma. This oil is a natural healer for skin, mind, and health. The oil is high in sesquiterpenes, a class of compounds which have been studied in Europe for stimulating the centre of our emotions, instilling calm and clarity to the mind.

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