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Wind Down & Relax Range

Wind Down & Relax Range

Step into serenity with Penny Price's Wind Down and Relax Bath and Shower Range—an oasis amidst the chaos of stress and restless nights. Lavender, our star ingredient, renowned for its holistic healing, offers not just relief but a calming sanctuary for the mind and body.

This synergy of Lavender, ylang-ylang, and Bergamot creates an enchanting symphony that washes away the day's pressures, setting the stage for serene evenings. Elevate your bedtime rituals with our range—an invitation to embrace tranquillity, unlocking the gateway to rejuvenating sleep and reduced stress. Let nature's calming melody guide you into a realm of peaceful dreams.

Certified Vegan. No artificial fragrances, parabens, petrol derivatives, silicon or microbeads. Lanolin-free and never tested on animals. Available in 200ml

What's Inside? 
At the heart of our formulation is Lavender, a botanical powerhouse celebrated for its wide-ranging therapeutic effects. Its sedative properties make it a natural choice for stress relief, offering a calming embrace. Lavender becomes your ally, comforting your body and mind, preparing you for a serene night's rest.

Enter Ylang Ylang, a botanical marvel renowned for its balancing and calming properties. Commonly used to aid insomnia and alleviate stress, Ylang Ylang sets the stage for tranquility. Scientifically proven, a study published in the International Journal of Neuroscience demonstrated that inhaling Ylang Ylang Essential Oil increased feelings of calmness, making it an essential component of our Wind Down and Relax range.

Completing this harmonious trio is Bergamot, a citrus gem that goes beyond merely uplifting your mood. Our research at PPA has unveiled Bergamot's remarkable ability to boost confidence and reduce anxiety. Its sunny disposition lightens heavy hearts, lifts apathy, and encourages a sense of confidence. In moments of tension, Bergamot becomes your fragrant ally, instilling a sense of calm and poise.