Valerian Essential Oil

Valerian is steam distilled from the rhizomes to produce an oil which has a warm, woody, balsamic, musky odour. Valerian is grounding and calming.


Valerian | Latin Name: Valeriana fauriei | Family: Valeriananaceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Rhizomes

An orange to dark brown liquid with a warm, woody, balsamic, musky odour with a green top not in fresh oils.

It is a Perennial herb up to 1.5 meters high with an erect, hollow stem, dark leaves and lots of purplish-white flowers. Largely showing above ground are its short, thick, greyish roots which have a strong odour. There are over 150 species of Valerian found in different parts of the world. The eastern varieties are slightly different from the western, it is also closely related to the spikenard.


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