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Uplifting, Fresh & Fruity - Essential Oil Set

Elevate and uplift your mood with these sharp, fresh and fruity aromas. These three citrus oils can help in reducing nervous tension, anxiety and stress. Also beneficial for oily skin, acne, circulation. (Available in 10ml)

Part of our Made By Me home aromatherapy range  - Create your own bespoke blends at home, choose from our wide selection of bases, essential oils and accessories to make your own shampoos, shower gels, massage oils, moisturisers and much more! 


Lime | Citrus aurantifolia | Fresh, Sharp, Citrus | Top Note

Uplifting and invigorating with a sharp scent,  Useful for acne, greasy skin, spots, circulation, has antiseptic & antiviral properties.

Lime Essential Oil Safety Data 
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Sweet Orange 

Sweet Orange | Citrus aurantium amara | Sweet, Light, Fresh, Citrus | Top Note

A Gentle balancing oil, uplifting to the mood and mind, can help with anxiety. Useful for stress and nausea, and good for dull and oily complexions.

Sweet Orange Essential Oil Safety Data 
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Grapefruit | Citrus paradisii | Fresh, Fruity, Citrus | Top Note

Balancing, uplifting to mood and mind, may help with anxiety, useful for congested and oily skin, muscle fatigue.

Grapefruit Essential Oil Safety Data 
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