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Thyme ct Thujanol Essential Oil

Latin Name: Thymus vulgaris ct thujanol
Plant Family: Lamiaceae
Extraction: Distillation of the flowering tops 

Thyme ct Thujanol Essential Oil is a yellow liquid with a sweet, green, geranium-like aroma, with herby undertones.

It's a perennial evergreen herb, about 40 cm high with a woody root.  It has small, oval leaves, from which the aromatic essential oil is obtained and pale purple or white flowers.  French, German and English varieties vary by leaf shape and colour and essential oils. It is also an ingredient in cooking and herbal medicine. It is slightly spicier than oregano and sweeter than sage.

Pure Essential Oil - Available in 3ml,10ml, 25ml, 50ml & 100ml.

Safety Data 

Thyme ct Thujanol Essential Oil Safety Data Sheet