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Reflexology Talcum Powder - Tea Tree & Peppermint

Blended with Tea Tree and Peppermint Essential Oils. This talcum powder absorbs moisture from damp feet and it will leave your feet clean and fresh whilst fighting off fungal infections due to its cleansing properties. 

Our Reflexology range is expertly blended to promote clean, fresh and healthy feet.

Available in 100g - Made in the UK

Blended With 

Tea Tree is a general all-around antiseptic, it will help fight foot infections, fungus and athletes' foot. It will leave your feet feeling clean and infection-free.

Peppermint will help heal the skin, fight infections, athletes' foot, fungal infections and to help with inflammation.

How to Use

Apply regularly to help combat and ease calluses corns and bunions, use our Tea Tree and Peppermint Foot Spray first to leave your feet feeling extra refreshed and revitalised.