Tarragon Essential Oil

Tarragon is distilled from the leaves and produces oil which has a sweet, spicy-green scent. Tarragon is invigorating and may help maintain a healthy digestive system.


Tarragon | Latin Name: Artemisia dracunculus | Family: Asteraceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Leaves

A  colourless or pale yellow mobile liquid (turning yellow with age), with a sweet-anisic, spicy-green scent.

Its a perennial herb with smooth narrow leaves, an erect stem up to 1.2 meters tall, and small yellow-green, inconspicuous flowers. Native to Europe, southern Russia and western Asia. Now cultivated worldwide, especially in Europe and the USA. The oil is mainly produced in France, Holland, Hungary and the USA. The so-called French tarragon or "sativa" which is cultivated as a garden herb, is a smaller plant with a sharper flavour than the Russian type.


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