Penny Price Aromatherapy

Rosemary Oil - Hair Treatment

Keep Hair Strong & Healthy

Utilise the powerful anti-oxidant, circulatory, antibacterial and anti-fungal, nourishing and conditioning properties of pure Rosemary ct Camphor Essential Oil in your hair care routine, enveloped in an enriching blend of Almond, Sunflower and Argan Carrier Oils. 

Diluted and ready to apply. Apply a small amount through damp or dry hair and style as normal. For a richer treatment apply a small amount to the scalp, lengths and ends before bed, leave overnight and wash as normal in the morning.

Formulated & Hand Blended by Penny Price Aromatherapy. (100ml)

Blended with

Argan Oil

Sourced from Morocco where its production empowers women's co-operatives whilst ensuring continued high quality. The suppliers share our dedication to sustainable practices and the well-being of the planet through contributing to local communities. 

Sweet Almond Oil 

Provides deep moisture, nourishment and conditioning properties that promote shiny manageable hair. 

Sunflower Oil 

Ethically sourced with a commitment to quality and innovation, priortising sustainable and eco friendly methods, such as organic farming. Our sunflower oil moisturises and conditions the hair and scalp, promoting healthier looking hair. 

Rosemary ct Camphor Essential Oil 

Invigorates the scalp, promotes circulation and stimulates hair growth. It also helps to balance sebum, production and enhance the overall health of the hair. Spain's Mediterranean location, climate-rich agricultural heritage, diverse soils and modern technology make it ideal for high-quality natural oil sourcing.