Penny Price Aromatherapy

Illuminous: Radiance Boost Rose Facial Oil

Rosy Radiance 

An exotic blend with Rose Absolute Oil, and Rosehip oil to bring deep moisturisation and radiance, while being anti-oxidant and protective for dry skin. (18ml)

Part of the Illuminous Skincare Range By Penny Price

Apply onto a cleansed, dry face and neck for an Illuminous boost to your skin. Overlay with Super Hydrating Day Cream for all-day intense protection. Radiance Boost Rose Facial Oil works well with Illuminous Super Hydrating Day Cream.


What's Inside? 

Sunflower Oil

Ethically sourced and produced using sustainable and eco friendly methods, this oil provides essential fatty acids, promoting skin health and hydration. 

Rosehip Oil

A moisturising effect on weathered, dry skin, it helps to keep the walls of the skin cells strong and able to lock in moisture. It also contains trans-retinoic acid (tRA) which stimulates collagen production, keeping skin firm and plump. 

Hydrasourcing AM+P5

A cellular plant complex and a comprehensive solution to chronic and temporary dry skin. 


Derived from Vitamin C, it can activate collagen tissue and prevent skin ageing. 

Wheatgerm Oil

Packed with antioxidants such as Vitamin E, it shields the skin from oxidative stress. 

Rose Absolute Essential Oil

It is good for skin, hair and nails. It can improve circulation, reduce inflammation and diminish scars and wrinkles.