Picture Perfect Primer

Picture Perfect Primer uses herbal extracts and precious Essential Oils of Rose and Neroli to produce an instant tightening and help to smooth out fine lines giving a flawless base for make-up and a picture-perfect look. (30ml) 

What's Inside? 

Mallow Extract – Enlivening, skin brightening and helps circulation

Alpine Herbal Extracts – Helps even tone and brighten skin

Coconut Oil – Natural SPF (8) and a good emollient

Argan Oil – Reduces scar tissue and imperfections, helps to heal skin, is anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory

Vitamin ACE Complex  – Intense vitamin system that nourishes the skin.

Primula Extract – Anti-aging and helps to tighten the skin.

Neroli Flower Oil – Temporarily lifts and firms skins, is calming and helpful for sensitive or fragile skin.

Hyaluronic Acid – Intense moisturising and anti-ageing effects

Chrondus Crispus –  Ability to protect the skin from environmental stresses. Known as a “second skin” ingredient it acts as an instant film former providing on the spot protection, hydration and a smooth texture.

How to Use 

After thorough cleansing and toning, massage a small amount to your face and neck until gently absorbed. Leave for several minutes before applying make-up to your perfectly primed.

  • Picture Perfect Primer works well with our Illuminous Morning Fresh Pure Cleanse and our Perfectly Smooth Eye Serum.