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Perinease Oil

Perinease Oil

Perinease Oil is a vegan, nourishing oil to helps the perineum soften and stretch. A beautiful blend of Rose and Palmarosa Essential Oils encapsulated with rich and nourishing carrier oils created the pre-labour essential Perin-Ease Oil. By using Perinease Oil prior to your labour you will be enhancing its ability to stretch and expand with the aim of minimising any skin tearing, discomfort or stress in the area. (50ml)

Blended WIth 

Rose besides having a joyous and uplifting aroma it helps with dry and mature skin and eczema.

Palmarosa is used extensively for skincare, this oil is great for dry and mature skin.

Almond Oil, a delicate pale yellow oil is known for its revitalising and soothing properties.

Wheatgerm Oil is excellent for dry, mature skin. It contains proteins and vitamins including vitamin E.

How to Use 

For the best results from Perin-Ease apply daily during the last 2 months of pregnancy to your perineum (the skin between your front and back passage) every day to help elasticity and to prepare for childbirth.