Passion Flower Carrier Oil


A luxurious oil for tired skin. Relaxing

In massage, the oil is said to be beneficial against insomnia, an excellent relaxant, a soothing effect on the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Passion Flower | Latin Name: Passiflora edulis | Family: Passifloraceae | Extraction: Maceration | Plant Part: Flowers

A Pale yellow oil, which is of particular importance in Aromatherapy. A fixed oil is obtained from the seeds by expression and the hulls and kernels of the seed release the crude oil which is then filtered to remove impurities.

The passionflower is native to Brazil, Australia, Mexico and parts of Africa. A perennial climbing vine,  also known as granadilla, maypop and maracuja but it is also called Passiflora or passion vine because of the stigma, stamens and sepals are likened to the instruments associated with Christ's passion and crucifixion.


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