Parsley Seed Essential Oil

Distilled from the parsley seed, this aniseedy oil is warming, cleansing and circulatory. Parsley seed can be of help in women’s care to create balance.


Parsley Seed | Latin Name: Petroselinum Sativum | Family: Apiaceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Seed

Parsley Seed Essential Oil is a yellow-amber or brownish liquid with a warm woody-spicy herbaceous odour.

It is a biennial or short-lived perennial herb up to 70cms high with crinkly bright green foliage, small greenish-yellow flowers and producing small brown seeds. Native to the Mediterranean region, particularly Greece. It is cultivated in California, Germany, France, Belgium, Hungary and parts of Asia. There are over 35 different varieties of this plant such as the curly leaved type which is used in Herbal Medicine, it is used as a culinary herb both dry and fresh and is very nutritious being high in Vitamins C and A.


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