Penny Price Aromatherapy

Nurture Clarity Lotion

Encourage Clear Thinking & Decision Making.

This refreshing blend of essential oils is uniquely formulated to relieve head tension and promote clarity of thinking.

A blend of Lavandin, Cornmint, Basil and Roman Chamomile Essential Oils provide balance, relaxation and relief from the discomforts associated with migraine, headaches and hangovers - allowing for improved concentration and feelings of well-being. (Available in 150ml, 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml)

Blended With 

White Lotion

A silky lotion, vegan friendly and blended with coconut, sunflower and almond oil for a luxurious touch and feel that sinks straight into the skin. 


With antispasmodic properties, it helps calm the mind and reduce anxiety, stress and nervous tension. Lavandin's anti-inflammatory effects it help relax the muscles and reduce pain. 


Like peppermint has been used in traditional folk medicine to relieve nervous headaches through the application of bruised leaves to the forehead. This action may be due to Cornmint’s menthol content of around 56.7-80.2%. Menthol is an analgesic helping reduce pain and tension. 


Used for the relief of headaches by rubbing the leaves over the forehead and temples in traditional herbal remedies, suggesting an analgesic effect. Furthermore, the dried leaves have been ground and used as a snuff for achieving mental clarity. 

Roman Chamomile

Has relaxing properties that may aid in reducing nervous tension that can be associated with headaches and migraines. It is often used as a relaxant to calm frayed nerves

How to Use 
  • Apply a small amount to the temples & forehead when needed 

Nurture blends are a useful tool in any home and promote wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.