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Nurture Breathing Lotion

Nurture Breathing Lotion, a blend of Eucalyptus Smithii, Peppermint, Lavandin and Hyssop Essential Oils. It is a lotion for the chest and neck that helps to maintain healthy respiration. Nurture Breathing is essential for Autumn, Winter and Spring to keep your respiratory system healthy.

Available in 150ml Pump Top and Refill Bottle 

Blended With 

Lavandin is anti-catarrhal, expectorant and sedative. Useful for asthma inflammation and pain.

Peppermint is respiratory, uplifting and cooling. Peppermint is also good for healing the skin.

Hyssopis a strong oil for the respiratory system and calming. Useful for asthma and bronchitis.

Eucalyptus Smithii is a gentle essential oil that is respiratory and warming. Helps with coughs colds and fever.

How to Use 
  • Apply to the neck & chest when needed 
Nurture blends are a useful tool in any home and promote wellbeing in mind, body and spirit.