Myrtle Essential Oil

Extracted by distillation of the leaves and twigs, Myrtle has a clear, fresh, woody aroma. Myrtle may help to maintain a healthy immune system and is good for everyday living.


Myrtle | Latin Name: Myrtus Communis | Family: Myrtaceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Leaves & Twigs

Myrtle Essential Oil is colourless to pale yellow oil with a clear, fresh, woody aroma

It is a small tree or large bush with reddish-brown bark and sharp and pointed leaves. It has white flowers followed by small black berries, both the leaves and flowers are very fragrant. Native to North Africa. it now grows freely all over the Mediterranean region; it is also cultivated in Europe as a garden shrub. The oil is mainly produced in Italy, Spain, Tunisia, Morocco and France. Part of the same aromatic family as Tea Tree and Eucalyptus.


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