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Myrrh Hydrolat | Floral Water

Clary Sage Hydrolat | Floral Water

Latin name: Commiphora myrrha
Plant family: Commiphora

Discover the calming power of Myrrh Hydrolat! Rejuvenating & anti-aging, a pungent hydrolat that is beneficial for healing damaged skin such as ulcerations and scar tissue. Experience its therapeutic wonders today!

Hydrolats are gentle and effective. They are known as hydrosols or floral waters and these are aromatic waters produced by steam distillation of botanical materials used during the production of essential oils. Containing not only the most water-soluble chemicals from the plant materials but also microscopic drops of the essential oils.

Spray Tops Available in 100ml only, 500ml, 1000ml, 5000ml screw tops 

Plant & Properties

Myrrh is the aromatic oleoresin of a number of small, thorny tree species of the genus Commiphora, which grow in dry, stony soil. An oleoresin is a natural blend of essential oil and resin. Myrrh resin is a natural gum. This gum is distilled to produce the essential oil, which is used extensively in aromatherapy, but the hydrolat is also effective, easy to use and very versatile.

Rejuvenating & anti-ageing, a pungent hydrolat that is beneficial for healing damaged skin such as ulcerations and scar tissue.  Apply in compresses and in the bath for softer skin and rejuvenation.

How to use

Skin Treatments Use hydrolats as cleansers, toners, to make masks and for facial spritzers. Either use 50/50 with purified water or undiluted. 

Room Refreshers Spray liberally around pets, cooking areas, bedrooms and other areas of your environment.  Particularly useful in the office to help prevent the spread of disease.

Mouthwash and Gargle Dilute 1:10 for children and 1:4 for adults for gargles and mouthwashes to help strengthen gums, freshen breath, relieve sore throats, ulcers, thrush and toothache.

Health Drink To help promote a healthy, balanced body, dilute 200mls of hydrolat into 1 litre of water and drink throughout the day.  

Baths Add up to 100mls to an adult bath and 50mls to a child’s bath.  Hydrolats can also be used in sitz baths. 

Compress Soak a cloth in hydrosol and compress to the area being treated.  For a hot compress use a cold cloth and for hot, use a hot cloth.  Wrap up the area with plastic film and leave for 30 minutes. 

Safety Data 

Myrrh Hydrolat Safety Data