Macadamia Carrier Oil


Replenishing and easily absorbed

The oil has a good resistance to rancidity giving it longer shelf life. Macadamia is a skin lubricant and is great for massage as it is easily absorbed into the skin leaving it non-greasy and supple.

Macadamia | Latin Name: Macadamia ternifolia | Family: Proteaceae | Extraction: Cold Pressed | Plant Part: Nuts

A pale yellow oil, today the oil comes from nuts, which come from the hybrid plants developed from the original trees. There are two species, smooth-shelled and rough-shelled and the hybrid forms exist between the two types. This oil is particularly unusual in that it has high proportions of palmitoleic acid units that are also found in dolphins and whales.

The tree is native to Australia and grows naturally in the subtropical forests of northeast New South Wales and southeast Queensland. The nuts were originally eaten by the Aborigines and the original trees discovered by Europeans in 1877.


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