Litsea Essential Oil

Distilled from the fruits, Litsea has an intense lemony, fresh, fruity odour. Litsea is deodorant and may help to maintain a healthy digestive system.


Litsea | Latin Name: Litsea Cubeba | Family: Lauraceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Fruit

This Essential Oil is a pale yellow oil with an intense lemony, fresh, fruity odour that is less aggressive than lemongrass.

It is a small tropical tree with fragrant lemongrass-scented flowers and leaves.  The small fruits are shaped like peppers or lanterns from which the name Cubeba was derived. Native to East Asia, cultivated in Taiwan and Japan. China is the main producer of oil. Despite its folk names, this plant is not related to the lemon verbena. It belongs to the same family as the Laurel tree, Rosewood and Cinnamon.


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