Linden Blossom Essential Oil

Comforting and grounding Linden Blossom is used for headaches, migraine, indigestion and cramps. It is also very valuable for deep-seated stress and depression.


Linden Blossom | Latin Name: Tilia Americana | Family: Tiliaceae | Extraction: Solvent Extraction | Plant Part: Tree Flowers

Linden Blossom Essential Oil is a pale yellow oil, often further thinned with alcohol, with a flowery, peachy aroma.

It is a tall, graceful tree up to 30metres high with smooth bark, spreading branches and bright green, heart-shaped leaves.  The yellow-white flowers grow in clusters and have a very powerful scent. Beware of synthetics and copies. True Linden is hard to get and even then is usually thinned to make it useable. If natural alcohol is used this does not cause too much detriment to the therapeutic qualities. Not to be confused with Citrus aurantifolia.


Linden Blossom Essential Oil – Penny Price Aromatherapy