Laurel Essential Oil

Extracted by steam distillation of the dried leaves and branches, Laurel has a powerful, spicy-medicinal odour. Laurel could help maintain healthy digestion.


Laurel | Latin Name: Laurus Nobillis| Family: Lauraceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Leaves, Branches

This Essential Oil is a greenish-yellow liquid with a powerful, spicy-medicinal odour.

It is an evergreen tree up to 20cms high with dark evergreen, glossy leaves and blackberries; often cultivated as an ornamental shrub. Native to the Mediterranean region and cultivated for its berries in France, Italy, Spain and Morocco. The oil is mainly produced in Yugoslavia. There are several related species all of which are commonly called Bay, Californian Bay, Indian Bay and Cherry Laurel which is poisonous. Essential Oil is produced by distilling the dried leaves and branchlets and oil is produced from the berries in small quantities.


Laurel Essential Oil – Penny Price Aromatherapy