Hazelnut Carrier Oil


Maintains healthy circulation

Hazelnut oil is amber-yellow in colour and has a very pleasant taste. Obtained by cold pressing, Hazelnut oil is often used as a substitute for Almond oil and is easily absorbed.

Hazelnut | Latin Name: Corylus avellana | Family: Corylaceae | Extraction: Cold Pressing | Plant Part: Nuts

Hazelnut Carrier, an amber-yellow coloured oil with a lovely taste, it is used a lot of the time as a substitute for Almond Oil which has a similar composition.

The tree is native to Northern Europe, where it grows wild but it is said to have originated from Greece. Its flowers are monoclinous as with many plants and trees have both male and female flowers growing on them. The male blooms are long, yellow catkins, whereas the female flowers bloom around the nut to protect them and 1 to 3 nuts can develop in autumn from a single female flower.


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