Grapeseed Carrier Oil


A smooth, light oil for massage

First produced in France, Grapeseed oil is now produced mainly in Spain, Italy, California and also Argentina. The refined Grapeseed oil keeps fairly well, is tasteless and almost colourless.

Grapeseed | Latin Name: Vitis vinifera | Family: Vitaceae | Extraction: Solvent Extraction | Plant Part: Seeds

A Mobile pale yellow liquid which is used for various treatments, ailments and even cooking. It contains vitamins E, C and D.

There are over 3000 cultivated varieties of grape, which always contain no more than two seeds, grapeseed oil is mainly produced in Italy and Spain, though it was first produced in France. The seeds yield a high-quality oil which is also edible. It is very well known for its food and dietetic properties, it is easy to digest and contains little to no cholesterol. The neutral taste allows it to be used for various food ingredients.



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