Geranium & Lavender Skin Wash

Geranium & Lavender Skin Wash is a gentle wash for all types of skin with Geranium and Lavender Essential Oils. Cleansing, hydrating with anti-bacterial properties this Skin Wash is perfect for eliminating germs and keeping the skin fresh. It can also be used as a facial wash as required or even on the body.

Lavender & Geranium have uplifting and balancing effects, both have antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties and are perfect for all skin types. They offer amazing relaxation and calming benefits to the body and mind.

How to Use: To be used as a hand, face or a body wash and helps to balance the skin. Apply a small amount to the desired area wash and rinse.


Geranium & Lavender Skin Wash – Penny Price Aromatherapy