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Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil

Latin Name: Pelargonium graveolens
Plant Family: Geraniaceae
Extraction: Distillation of the flowers, plant & leaves

Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil is a strong-smelling oil with a floral aroma and a hint of mint. It is greenish-yellow in colour.

It is a hairy perennial shrub, often used in hedgerows, and stand up to about one meter high (3 feet) with pointed leaves, serrated at the edges and has pinkish-white flowers. There are over 450 different types of flowers.  Pelargonium is a strongly scented-leaf geranium, which varies in size according to its growing conditions.  Sometimes there are pinky-purple flowers present. Essential Oil is produced from the distillation of the leaves, stalks and flowers, an absolute oil and concentrate are also produced in Morocco.

Pure Essential Oil - Available in 3ml,10ml, 25ml, 50ml & 100ml.

Safety Data 

Geranium Bourbon Essential Oil Safety Data Sheet