Comfrey Carrier Oil


Protective and soothing

his tall herbaceous plant is a member of the Boraginaceae family and is macerated in organic sunflower oil to produce a useful healing agent.

Comfrey | Latin Name: Symphytum officinale| Family: Symphytum | Extraction: Filtration & Maceration | Plant Part: Roots & Leaves

Comfrey is a deep yellow mobile carrier oil derived from the Latin word "confirmare", which means to unite.

It is a perennial flower from the Symphytum plant family, there are thirty-four other species of this plant. Growing up to 1.3m high it has a turnip-like root and large, hairy, broad leaves which bears small flowers, usually being cream or purple in colour. The plant is native to Europe, it grows in grassy, damp places which makes it perfect for it to grow wild in Britain and Ireland. it also grows in North America.


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