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Coconut Solid

A Melting Delight for Skin Nourishment and Massage!

Experience the magic of Coconut Solid as it effortlessly melts upon contact with your skin, providing a deeply nourishing and indulgent experience. This versatile product can be used on its own or paired with essential oils to create luxurious massage bars, taking your self-care to new heights.

Sourced from premium coconuts, our Coconut Solid brings you the pure essence of unrefined oil. Embrace the natural goodness of this exquisite oil, which adds a luxurious body and texture when blended with massage oils, enhancing the overall experience of your massage sessions. Immerse yourself or clients in the soothing and moisturizing properties of this precious oil, and enjoy the sensation of beautifully nourished and supple skin.

Available in 100g, 500g, 1000g and 5000g

How to Use

Unlock the potential of Coconut Solid and let it become your secret to a more delightful and rejuvenating self-care journey. Whether used alone or in combination with essential oils, this product promises a truly blissful experience. Discover the wonders of Coconut Solid today!

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Safety Data

Coconut Solid Safety Data Sheet