Coconut Carrier Oil

Latin Name: Cocos nucifera
Plant Family: Palmaceae
Extraction: Cold Pressed & Solvent Extraction, Inside flesh of the nut

Coconut oil is a solid white, crystalline, highly saturated fat which melts at about 25°C, and has a recognisable odour. Stable when exposed to air, when solid coconut oil is fractionated and a clear liquid results. Coconut carrier is almost completely clear to white in colour. when the solid coconut is fractioned a clear liquid oil is a result. It has an easily recognisable and pleasant odour. It is emollient and nourishing.

This palm tree is of very great commercial significance, however, the origin of the plant is actually unknown. It is believed to have spread from the Indian Ocean to Malaysia and Polynesia. 

Therapeutic Properties
  • Emollient, good for use in massage creams.
  • Great for the skin helps to soften and smooth.
  • Used as an emollient for the hair and skin due to its lubricating properties.
  • Beneficial to dry hair.
  • Adds to tanning but does not protect from the suns rays.  
Safety Data 

Can cause allergic skin rashes in some people especially in the solvent extracted oil
Coconut Oil Safety Data Sheet