Celery Seed Essential Oil

Distilled from the seeds, Celery Seed has a spicy, warm and long-lasting scent. Celery Seed helps maintain healthy digestion and is a general tonic for everyday aches and pains.


Celery Seed | Latin Name: Apium Graveolens | Family: Apiaceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Seeds

Celery Seed Essential Oil is a pale yellow or orange liquid with a spicy-warm, sweet, long-lasting odour.

A familiar biennial plant, 30-60 cm high, with grooved, fleshy, erect stalk, shiny pinnate leaves and umbels of white flowers. Native to Southern Europe and cultivated widely as a domestic vegetable. The oil is principally produced in India, Holland, China, Hungary and the USA. There are many different cultivated varieties such as celeriac root and the salad vegetable. It is widely used as a domestic spice and for bladder, kidney and digestive complaints.



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