Carrot Carrier Oil


Maintains a youthful appearance

The flower head of the Wild Carrot is also known as Queen Anne’s Lace and is easily recognisable. This bright orange oil is light in texture however can stain and is best used in dilution.

Carrot | Latin Name: Daucus carota | Family: Apiaceae | Extraction: maceration | Plant Part: Root

The flower head of the wild carrot is known as Queen Anne's Lace, distinctive and easily0 recognizable by a small black spot in the middle of the flower. Introduced into Britain during the reign of Queen Elizabeth the 1st, the root crop that we know was developed from the wild variety at the time. Carrot juice is used for a variety of things such as flatulence and stomach acidity. The production of the oil takes great care the root is rinsed and chopped into small pieces and left to steep in vegetable oil for about three weeks and then is filtered to produce the clear orange oil.



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