Cardamom Essential Oil

Steam distilled from the dried ripe fruit, Cardamom has sweet-spicy warming aroma. Cardamom is digestive and good for everyday stresses and strains.


Cardamom | Latin Name: Elettaria Cardamomum | Family: Zingiberaceae |Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Fruit, Seeds

Cardamom Essential Oil is colourless to pale yellow liquid with a sweet-spicy, warming fragrance with a woody-balsamic undertone.

Grows wild under cultivation in India, Ceylon, and China, though the soil is obtained from South America and France. It is A perennial, reed-like herb up to 4 meters high, with long, silky blade-shaped leaves. Its long stems bear small yellowish flowers with purple tips, followed by oblong red-brown seeds. Native to tropical Asia and cultivated extensively in India, Sri Lanka, Laos and El Salvador, There are numerous species found in the East used as local spices or for medicinal purposes.


Cardamom Essential Oil – Penny Price Aromatherapy