Calendula Carrier Oil


Soothing and Calming

Fixed oil is not obtained from this plant but extracts are produced which make the therapeutic properties of the plant available. Chiefly, the flowers are macerated in a fixed oil to produce Calendula Oil.

Calendula | Latin Name: Calendula Officinalis | Family: Asteraceae | Extraction: maceration | Plant Part: Flowers

A pale yellow mobile oil is also known as Marigold oil, to obtain the oil the flowers are macerated in fixed oil to produce this carrier oil.

This plant originated in the Mediterranean area and the annual herb has been grown since the Middle Ages for its single or double, yellow bright orange flowers. It can now be found in gardens all over the world where it grows to a height of 50cms and then seeds itself once fully established. Calendula is a diminutive form of the Latin calendae (the first day of the month) and the plant is so-called because of its habit of flowering all year round in the wild. Officinalis is applied to all plants which in the past have been used for medicinal herbs.



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