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Black Spruce Marjoram Muscle Rub 100ml

Black Spruce Marjoram Muscle Rub 100ml

Stiff joints and sore muscles? Look no further, our Marjoram Muscle Rub from the Black Spruce skincare range is what you need!

With warm, spicy aromas this natural and vegan muscle rub is perfect to use when you have tired and aching muscles. Blended with Marjoram, Clove and Black Spruce essential oils.

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What's Inside 

Black Spruce Essential Oil (Picea Mariana) Traditionally used by Native Americans to promote skin health and as part of their spiritual healing and cleansing practices. 

Clove Essential Oil(Eugenia Caryophyllus) Distilled for the flowering buds of the clove tree, the oil has a beautiful spicy-sweet aroma and is warming and comforting.

Marjoram Essential Oil (Thymus Mastichina) Used since ancient times, Spanish marjoram was used in traditional herbal medicine by the Greeks. This oil derived from the flowers and leaves of a bushy perennial plant from the family of thymes. 

How to Use

Take a small amount of muscle rub in your hand and massage or rub into aching muscles, joints & limbs.