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Black Spruce Aftershave Balm

Step Up Your Beard Game. 

Black Spruce Beard Balm is deeply nourishing and is blended with carefully chosen oils to help keep your beard and skin at their best, with deep, rich aromas of Cedarwood and Sandalwood complimenting the sweet orange tones this oil is not only good for your beard but smells amazing. (15ml)

From the Black Spruce Skincare range for men.

Apply a small amount directly onto the skin after shaving.

What's Inside 

Black Spruce Essential Oil 

Traditionally used by Native Americans to promote skin health and as part of their spiritual healing and cleansing practices. With anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties it can be beneficial for acne and eczema. 

Cedarwood Essential Oil 

A warm sweet scent with a woody undertone. With antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties it helps with acne, hair loss, eczema and oily skin. 

Sandalwood Essential Oil

A centuries-old essential oil that has a woody and exotic aroma. With anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties it is beneficial for ageing skin, acne, dry skin and eczema. 

Sweet Orange Essential Oil

Expressed from the peel, Orange Sweet has a fresh, dry, Orange scent with floral undertones. Anti-ageing, antifungal properties.