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Beard Grooming Deluxe Kit

Beard Grooming Deluxe BundleElevate Your Beard Grooming with Our Beard Grooming Deluxe Kit

Whether you sport a long and luscious beard or prefer the sleek and refined look, our Beard Grooming Gift Box is your go-to companion for maintaining a healthy beard and pristine skin. Enriched with natural essential oils boasting deep, aromatic scents, every item in this gift box is meticulously selected to offer a comprehensive grooming experience.

Inside this carefully curated gift box, you'll discover a range of grooming essentials to meet all your beard and skin care needs. The Beard Grooming Gift Box is not just a gift—it's a statement of your commitment to maintaining a well-groomed beard and healthy skin. Whether you're treating yourself or surprising a bearded loved one, this comprehensive grooming collection ensures you enjoy the deep, rich aromas and the confidence that comes with a well-maintained beard. 

Certified Vegan 
our Shavers Deluxe Kit uses only the finest and purest essential oils. No artificial fragrances, parabens, petrol derivatives, silicon or microbeads. Lanolin-free and never tested on animals.

Black Spruce Marjoram Muscle Rub
With warm, spicy aromas this natural and vegan muscle rub is perfect to use when you have tired and aching muscles. Blended with Marjoram, Clove and Black Spruce essential oils.

How to Use: Apply to sore aching muscles. 
Black Spruce Hair & Body Wash
Natural, deep aromas of Pine, Black spruce and Lavender. This vegan hair and body wash will help keep your hair clean and fresh at the start of the day and remove sweat and dirt at the end of the day!

How to Use: Apply a few pumps of shower gel lather, wash and rinse
Black Spruce Cedarwood Face Wash
Maintain healthy-looking and feeling skin using Cedarwood face wash from the black spruce skincare range for men. Blending essential oils derived from the cedar tree and evergreen trees this vegan face wash has fresh and warming aromas.

How to Use: Apply a few pumps to a wet face, wash and dry clean.
Black Spruce Sandalwood Moisture Cream
From the Black Spruce Skincare range for men, blended with essential oils of Black Spruce and Sandalwood this natural, vegan moisture cream can help hydrate, replenish and renew.

How to Use: Apply a small amount to the neck and face. 
Black Spruce Beard Oil
With carefully chosen oils to help keep your beard and skin at their best, with deep, rich aromas of Cedarwood and Sandalwood complimenting the sweet orange tones this oil is not only good for your beard but smells amazing!

How to Use: Use a few pumps rub the oil between your hands and then apply to your beard.