Basil ct Linalool Essential Oil

Distilled from the leaf, Basil has a very herby, clear aroma that may help concentration and memory loss. Basil is warming and tonic.


Basil ct Linalool | Latin Name: Ocimum Basilicum Linalool | Family: Labiatae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Herbs, Flowering Tops, Leaves

This is colourless to pale yellow liquid with a light fresh spicy-sweet scent and balsamic undertone.

The many varieties of Basil originate from Asia and the Pacific Islands. The broadly oval and pointed green leaves support lovely purple-white flowers on a sixteen-inch stem. Swarms of bees hover around this plant in summer. North Africa, France, Cyprus, and Seychelles give us the essential oil though European variety is said to be the best quality. Mainly produced in the Comoro Islands but also processed in Madagascar.


Basil ct Linalool Essential Oil – Penny Price Aromatherapy