Argan Carrier Oil


Emollient oil to nourish & maintain a youthful appearance

Argan Oil is quite a fluid oil and is slightly darker than olive oil with a reddish tinge and it has a hint of hazelnut flavour.

Argan | Latin Name: Argania Spinosa | Family: Rutaceae | Extraction: Manually extracted | Plant Part: Kernel

Argan a fluid oil, slightly darker than Olive Oil with a slight reddish tinge and a hint of hazelnut flavour.

Unique to South-Western Morocco it has a hard fruit that produces a prized cooking oil. The tree is thorny, reaching a height of 8-10cm and lives from around 100 - 200 years! The fruit has a green fleshy exterior and inside a nut with an extremely hard shell which contains 1-3 almond-shaped kernels. when animals eat the fruits they eat everything but the nut, these are then collected by farmers to create the oil.


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