Apricot Carrier Oil


A light & less oily carrier

Apricot Kernel Oil has similar properties to Almond oil however it is less produced. Apricot Kernel Oil is perfect for the skin and great when used in skincare.

Apricot | Latin Name: Prunus armeniaca | Family: Rosaceae | Extraction: Cold Pressing of Kernels | Plant Part: Kernels

A pale yellow carrier oil, fairly strong in odour with a marzipan-like scent.

Apricot is a deciduous tree growing up to about 9 metres high. From February to March white flowers are tinged with red appear soon followed by the leaves, this gives the tree an attractive appearance and distinguishes it from the Peachtree. Native to China it was transported to the Middle East following which the Romans established many orchards in Southern Europe. In 1720 the tree reached the USA where it continues to flourish, Apricots are grown commercially in the South of France.


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