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Antimicrobial Essential Oil Blend: Room Freshener for Vapouriser

Nurture Antimicrobial Blended Essential Oil

Introduce a safe and natural cleanse to your home with our Antimicrobial Essential Oil Blend. Uplift and invigorate your space with its refreshing aroma. Simply use 3-5 drops in a vapuoriser. The perfect way to freshen the air in your home or at the office. 

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10ml Essential Oil Blend - Hand-made in the UK. 

Blended With 

Pine Scotch – Pinus Sylvestris 
Pine is known to support immune function, clear respiratory tract, and address symptoms of flu, sinusitis & asthma. (Pine essential oils & benefits & uses of uplifting and invigorating oil 2018)

Litsea Essential Oil  Litsea cubeba fruit oil
Reports suggest Litsea promotes the health of immune, nervous and respiratory symptoms. ( n.d. The Benefits Of Manuka And Litsea Essential Oils | Dōterra Essential Oils.) Citral make up approximately 70% of the oil this along with alcohols and aldehydes give the oil strong antibacterial and antiseptic qualities (Backe, 2017)

Lavender True
, a sweet, floral, mildly herby aroma a very good oil to bring an aroma together. Lavender is known as the best all-around helper! Beneficial for bronchitis, coughs and sinusitis. The main components are esters and alcohols – but has a bit of everything!

Star anise 
– Illicium Verum 
The flavonoids and polyphenols of Anise Star oil are primarily responsible fr its antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, (Aly, Sabry, Shaheen and Hathout, 2016) The oil is also known to have antiseptic properties and provides the skin with an effective protective layer against infections. (Aly, S., Sabry, B., Shaheen, M. and Hathout, A., 2016.)

Method Of Use

Use 4-6 drops in a vaporiser.

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Safety Data

WARNING: Do not apply undiluted or internally. Keep away from children and eyes. Store in a cool, dark place.

Nurture Antimicrobial Essential Oil Safety Data Sheet