Anise Star Essential Oil

Anise star is extracted by steam distillation from the fruit and has a warm, spicy and very sweet scent. Anise star can help everyday aches and pains.


Anise Star | Latin Name:  Illicium Verum | Family: Illiciaceae | Extraction: Distillation | Plant Part: Tree, Fruit

A pale yellow liquid with a warm, spicy, extremely sweet, liquorice like aroma. Turns Yellow Brown with age, has a rich herbaceous earthy body note.

This exotic evergreen tree comes from East Asia and grows up to about thirty feet high. Yellow flowers and star-shaped fruits adorn a white bark. the fruit is distilled in their fresh green state, the oil having a similar though stronger aroma to Aniseed. Anise-Star is derived from Chinese Anise and sometimes referred to as Anise Vert due to its green colouring. There is a Japanese variety called Illicium religiosum which is highly poisonous!


Anise Star Essential Oil – Penny Price Aromatherapy