Coconut Carrier Oil

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Emollient and nourishing

Coconut oil is a solid white, crystalline, highly saturated fat which melts at about 25°C, and has a recognisable odour. Stable when exposed to air, when solid coconut oil is fractionated and a clear liquid results.



Coconut | Latin Name: Cocos nucifera | Family: Palmaceae | Extraction: Cold Pressed & Solvent Extraction | Plant Part: Inside flesh of the nut

Coconut carrier is almost completely clear to white in colour. when the solid coconut is fractioned a clear liquid oil is a result. It has an easily recognisable and pleasant odour.

This palm tree is of very great commercial significance, however, the origin of the plant is actually unknown. It is believed to have spread from the Indian Ocean to Malaysia and Polynesia. When the tree is fully grown at 30 years it produces about 80 nuts a year but some can produce up to 200.


Coconut Carrier oil is used often in massage creams due to its excellent emollient properties. For cosmetic uses, coconut oil makes the skin smooth and satin-like, though it can cause skin irritations and rashes. Being used in lipstick and soap formulations due to its lubricating properties. Various hair products use coconut oil as it is very beneficial for dry scalp and hair.  It also aids in tanning but DOES NOT filter the suns harmful rays.

Method of Use

15 drops of Essential Oil to every 50mls off Carrier Oil or Base Product.

Cream Blend For Dry Skin

10ml of Coconut Carrier Oil
5ml of Hazelnut Carrier Oil
100ml of White Lotion Base

4 Drops Bergamot Essential Oil
4 Drops Lavender High Altitude Essential Oil
4 Drops Benzoin Resinoid Essential Oil

Apply a small amount to the area needed and rub into the skin, use daily or frequently.

Take your Carrier Oils and White lotion and mix together. Then add in your Essential Oils one by one and mix well. Apply a small amount around the desired area.

Herbal Tradition & Folklaw

Coconut is readily used in making soaps due to its ability to lather well. The hard shell of the nut is burned and used for charcoal and coir, which is the outer fibres, to make rope, mattresses and much more. Coconut milk provides milk, water, cream and oil and is used for the treatment of burns, hair loss and circulatory problems.

Safety Data & MSDS

Coconut oil can cause allergic reactions in some people and skin rashes also, especially solvent extracted oil.

Coconut MSDS

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